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+1 800 123 456 789

Who We Are


The No Name Foundation e.V., founded in Germany, is dedicated to worldwide humanitarian aid. Primarily the help should be given to countries affected by war in particular. The association pursues in the context of its purpose:

      • The promotion of education, advanced training and further training
      • The promotion of vocational training
      • The building and supporting of orphanages
      • The promotion of the health service in developing countries
      • The promotion of the drinking water supply,
      • The ensuring of essential food for the poor,
      • The support of widowed, handicapped and disabled women and children,
      • The promotion within the range of agriculture,
      • World-wide emergency aid.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Amena Razaqi

Chairwoman of the Board

Dr. Rahil Abass

Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board

Halima Abass


Minne Razaqi


Shahla Azamy

Deputy Secretary

Homa Abass & Zarmina Rahmany


Helal Rahmany & Parneyan Azamy