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Spenden Sie jetzt für die Flutopfer in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Donate now for the flood victims in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

No Name Foundation e.V. Donate Emergency Aid in Afghanistan Donate Education for children Donate

No Name Foundation e.V. projects in Afghanistan

Emergency Aid in Kabul, Afghanistan
Emergency Aid in Sheberghan, Afghanistan
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Emergency Aid in Dashte Barchi, Afghanistan
Winter aid in Ghazni, Afghanistan
Education for children in Ghazni, Afghanistan
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Well project in Qarabagh, Ghazni
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Food supply for the month of Ramadan, Ghazni

10 000 000+ Children in
Afghanistan need help

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The non-profit organization No Name Foundation e.V. wants to offer help where it is needed most.
Donate and help now. Let us join hands with each other.

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Donating online has never been so safe, practical and easy thanks to our various payment options. We accept debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.

Become a part of our team and become a member. This way you are involved, get all essential information about projects and future plans and secure a better future for people in need with your regular donation.

You don’t just want to donate, you want to be part of the planning and implementation of our projects, even get involved on site yourself? With your voluntary work you can see what is possible with the help of donations and how you can change the lives of other people for the better.